The twins in Twin Imaging

The twins in Twin Imaging
The twins in Twin Imaging,,Melinda is on the left and I (charlene) am on the right.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mommy and daughter time.

With 5 kids it is not very often that I get one on one time with any children. It is even harder with the oldest one b/c she is the babysitter. But since two kids were at the grandparents and daddy was home not feeling well Gabi and I ran out of the house when it became nap time. We have the wonderful advantage of living only a few mins from downtown nashville. So we went to starbucks and than drove to the walking bridge and waters edge. Gabi was a great model and we had lots of fun on our 1.5 hrs away.

This is an orange garage door down an alley by our house. I love it and think it is a fun back ground.

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