The twins in Twin Imaging

The twins in Twin Imaging
The twins in Twin Imaging,,Melinda is on the left and I (charlene) am on the right.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blogs hiding under the bed.

wow, it has been forever. I seem to of pushed this blog (and my other ones) under the bed to hide and be forgotten for a long time. I find the uploading pics to be a bit a of pain b/c I have to do one at a time...but I am going to try better. This is some pictures from this past friday March 9. The kids were out of school and so we went to Cheekwood. It was my son's 11 bday and it was beautiful weather so that made it a perfect combo to go and play.

This is the birthday boy

This is Gabi my oldest.


All My babies!!

Caden baby #4

Ava Baby #5 is not wanting anything to do with this picture.